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about us
      We provide unique and innovative casting solutions for users of carbon steel,cast steel,low alloy steel and cast iron prototypes and short-run engineered products which meet or exceed customer expectations through an environment of learning and participation.
We also have the capabilities of furnishing secondary operations such as machining, non-destructive testing, heat treat, surface finish and assembly. Our concept are as good as any foundry can offer, better than most.
Please contact us and let us know how we can serve your steel casting needs.
Agricultural machinery parts

QS Machinery provide steel castings from 0.1 kgs to 80 kgs

Construction machinery parts

QS Machinery provide steel castings with wearable material in stronge

Cross Coupling Cable Protector

QS Machinery Inc. and TY Precision Casting Foundry have four years

Steel casting parts

Our steel casting parts can reach the CT 7more>>

Transportation casting parts

QS Machinery provide castings with high mechanical properties more>>

General Industry casting parts

QS Machinery also provide castings parts for general industry like more>>

Our Main Products: precision casting steel foundry casting machining rapid prototyping casting foundry casting process investment casting steel casting machining castings casting manufacturer alloy casting alloy steel casting casting foundries lost wax casting investment castings OEM cross coupling protector downhole cable protector OEM control line protector casting parts model casting machined casting casting design
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